1895 Club

Seacroft Golf Club belongs to a group of clubs which were all founded in 1895.  All members of the 1895 Club offer reciprocal courtesy of the course to visiting members from other clubs in the scheme.

For courtesy visits to clubs in the 1895 Club some basic rules/courtesies must be followed.

Members make their own arrangements (IN ADVANCE) with the secretary of the club they wish to visit.  (Do not turn up unannounced.)

Members must take with them a letter of introduction and a handicap certificate from their own club.

Check with the host club their dress rules and respect them.

Numbers are to be kept to a reasonable level at any one visit and also the number of visits to the same club.  (Some clubs have put restrictions on the number of visitors at any one time and these are shown on the bottom of the list of participating clubs. Please check before you make any requests).

The original arrangements included a 75 mile separation between clubs for visits to take place, meaning that some effort should be made by visitors, rather than a short ride to a neighbouring club, thus avoiding the possibility of convenience leading to nuisance visits. However a few clubs have come to mutually agreed reductions in the separation distance and this is a matter entirely decided by the Clubs in question.

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1895 club members in the UK

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