Nature & The Environment

Seacroft Golf Club Working with Nature and the Environment

Seacroft Golf Club takes its impact on the environment very seriously. The majority of the area covered by the golf course is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). As a SSSI we work closely with Natural England to maintain the rare plants and grasses which grow in this habitat.

A substantial amount of the area is of dune slack (wet grass) and dune with grasses. These are extremely rare as the majority of dunes especially in Lincolnshire are populates with scrub or seabuckthorn. The section of the SSSI site which is not on playable land is grazed by cattle or sheep. It is important that this area is grazed as if we don’t cut it or we leave the cuttings it would create nutrients in the soil which would encourage more grasses to grow rather than wild flowers and legumes. Grazing is the best form of management for maintaining these important habitats. We also have bird boxes and shelter to encourage wildlife on the course.

We were finalists in the Skegness Business Awards Green Category in 2018. Our success in getting to this position was due our work with nature and also our eco-friendly methods in and around the clubhouse and on the course.

Cattle grazing in our SSSINatural untouched habitat near our courseEntrance to our SSSI

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