Welcome to Seacroft Golf Club in Skegness

Established 1895

Seacroft is known as a hidden gem among the top courses of Great Britain and Ireland.  It is a traditional links course tucked away on the Lincolnshire coast at the south end of Skegness.  Because of its situation on the coast and its fast draining soil the full course with normal tees and greens is virtually certain to be open.

It is adjacent to the Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve with glorious views over the Wash to the Norfolk Coast.  A great deal of the course is also a Natural England Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) where golf and the environment join together in harmony.

The championship course plays host to several amateur championships but as a member’s owned club it also prides itself on being suitable for golfers of all abilities.

Why not come along for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

Seacroft Golf Club might be the best course you’ve never heard of.

This might be the best course you’ve never heard of. And even if you’ve heard of it, you might not know much about it, and haven’t resolved to play it one day. You really should.

Unassuming Seacroft makes some big-name courses look deeply uninteresting.

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Founded in 1895 but properly set down by Willie Fernie of Troon in 1900, it is a links of enormous character and even more variety. It keeps rising in our English Top 100, with the work of Golf World Top 100 panellist Clyde Johnson – an architect and shaper who is part of Tom Doak’s team – enhancing Seacroft further. We’ve also named it the best golf course in Britain and Ireland that you can play for £60 or under.

Fernie used the parallel dune ridges brilliantly to create holes that fit beautifully into the rugged links terrain that are hugely entertaining yet also still sensible challenges.


Back in 2017, as part of the Board of Director’s proposal for a 5-10yr plan, the Greens Committee began carrying out a course review.

An opportunity arose, where by the committee were introduced to Clyde Johnson of cunningolfdesign.com who at the time was working as part of Tom Doak’s Renaissance Golf, on Woodhall Spa’s Hodgkin Course refurbishment.

A Structural Engineering and Architecture degree from Sheffield University and a post graduate degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia provided Clyde with an understanding of golf course development and design. It was his time with Tom Doak and his associates at Renaissance Golf Design that Clyde acknowledges gave him an invaluable apprenticeship.

Clyde’s initial proposal with reference to Seacroft’s past history and design, including that of original designer Willie Fernie and the proposal of Alister MacKenzie, secured the trust of the directors. In March 2018 he was commissioned to produce a course master plan for Seacroft Golf Club. This led to the implementation of a considered refinement of all 18 holes to be undertaken over a five year period.

Through the winter 2018/19 work was carried out on the 7th, 8thand 10thholes which have now come into play. On Monday 21st October 2019, Clyde began the second phase, undertaking work on holes 9,11 & 6 and in October 2020 the third phase took place with improvements to holes 3,4,14 and 16.

The fourth year of course improvements will take place in October 2021.

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